3D printed diaphragm valves for pharma processes

After ten years of research and development, SISTO Armaturen S. A. from Echternach launches its first series of 3D printed diaphragm valves.

With this innovation, SISTO already supplies one of the largest German pharmaceutical companies.

The metal 3D printing of diaphragm valves developed by SISTO in cooperation with KSB in Germany guarantees numerous advantages in addition to a long product life. The valves also comply with the requirements of the European Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) 2014/68/EU. The suitability of the additively manufactured materials was tested and documented by SISTO, with the involvement of the inspector TÜV. This means that the 3D printed diaphragm valves meet all the required standards. Thanks to the automated production process, the innovative manufacturing process enables short delivery times and a high amount of flexibility, especially when using special materials.

3D printed diaphragm valves have a higher material homogeneity, but are significantly lighter than corresponding valves manufactured in the conventional, subtractive process.

KSB SE & Co. KGaA, parent company of SISTO Armaturen S.A., has more than ten years of experience in metal 3D printing, an expertise that has been indispensable for the project. As the first manufacturer to deliver market-ready diaphragm valves for the biotech and pharmaceutical industries, SISTO is a pioneer within the industry. The many years of intensive research and the high degree of specialisation underline the company’s future orientation.

In addition to the first major customer, the range of additively manufactured diaphragm valves is primarily aimed at customers from the biotech and pharmaceutical industries.

With these 3D-printed diaphragm valves, SISTO offers maintenance-free and durable products that can be produced flexibly, even in small quantities, and delivered quickly.
Specific customer support and close customer relationships based on partnership are our target parameters.


Learn more about our diaphragm valves from additive manufacturing: https://additiv.sisto-aseptic.com/en/