Industrial technology

SISTO diaphragm valves for industrial requirements

Highly abrasive and aggressive media, high solid contents, valves with open-loop and closed-loop control with pneumatic and electric actuators – this is the world of SISTO diaphragm valves in industrial applications.

We provide the ideal solution for each fluid by lining and coating the bodies of our valves with special plastic materials and elastomers. We also manufacture diaphragms in several rubber qualities and fluoric polyamides (TFM).

Building services

The perfect solution for drinking water applications

Drinking water is a beverage and has to be treated as such. Our diaphragm valves for applications in building services in general, and drinking water installations in particular, offer a maximum level of hygiene.

The deadleg free design of SISTO diaphragm valves combined with valve bodies made of stainless steel prevents deposits and microbial contamination. All actuating elements are located outside the media area, which means that even after many years of usage the valves can be opened and closed as if they were brand-new.

The SISTOMaXX diaphragm valves, developed in-house for the specific use in drinking water installations, fulfil all elastomer guidelines by Germany‘s Federal Environment Office.

Energy Technology

Safety first

Components for use in nuclear power plants are required to meet the highest safety standards. Our employees are highly qualified to meet the latest technical and legally binding regulations.

For many years we have been a trusted partner for our customers in the field of nuclear technology and our products, including diaphragm valves, check valves and vent valves, have been developed, tested and manufactured for numerous projects of renowned companies, based on the required project-specific standards.

Quality assurance is our top priority and all services are provided by us under consistent application of an integrated management system in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2015, as well as on the basis of existing audits, certificates and confirmation of suitability according to KTA 1401.

SISTO valves are installed in the latest European nuclear power plants (EPR) in Europe as well as in China and are used in a variety of different types of power plants worldwide.