Product Overview

SISTO diaphragm valves are used in sterile and aseptic applications in the manufacture of pharmaceutical products as well as in biotechnology.

Due to our modular design principle, our valves can be flexibly designed depending on the specific application and individual solutions are possible even with short planning lead times.

How Diaphragm Valves Work

Diaphragm valves are used in sterile and aseptic processes where the purity of the product is the top priority, such as the manufacture of pharmaceutical products as well as in biotechnology, but also in the cosmetics and food industries.

SISTO-C diaphragm valves are characterized by the fact that they are self-draining and free of deadleg.

The diaphragm seals hermetically and isolates the actuator from the fluid chamber. As a result, the actuating components do not come into contact with the media. This means

  • no risk of contamination of the media by the drive components,
  • there is no risk of corrosion of the components by the media.

This means that the valve can be operated at all times, even after longer periods of inactivity.

SISTO-C Accessories

  • SK500
  • SK-i LED intelligent feedback unit
  • Other accessories
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SISTO-C Actuators

  • Pneumatic
  • Manual
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SISTOAseptiXX Diaphragms

  • EPDM
  • EPDM/TFM bonded
  • EPDM/TFM 2-piece
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SISTO-C Bodies

  • 2/2 way valves
  • T-valves
  • Y-valves
  • Multiport valves
  • Tank valves
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Product Highlights

  • Up to 20 bar

    The diaphragm as a “soft seal” provides reliable shut-off – with SISTO valves up to pressures of 20 bar.

  • Durable diaphragms

    Our unique design of an enclosed, spiral-supported diaphragm maximises the service life of our diaphragms.

  • Reduced dead volume

    The design principle of the diaphragm valve reduces dead volume to a minimum. This ensures maximum sterility inside the system.

  • A broad range of materials

    We use 1.4435 as the most common body material. The processing of high-alloy nickel-based materials or other special materials is our strength.

  • All connection types

    Whether orbital weld ends, clamps or sterile flange connections – all types for pipe connections are possible.

  • Easy installation

    We support the pharmaceutically accurate installation by marking the self-draining angle on the welding end by means of laser marking.

How does the SISTO sealing system work

A special feature of SISTO diaphragm valves is their unique sealing system:

The diaphragms are chambered in the body and are additionally supported by a metallic spiral.

This has numerous advantages:

  • The chambered diaphragm in its recess provides hermetic sealing to the atmosphere.
  • The metal spiral spring supports the diaphragm and pressure on the diaphragm is evenly absorbed along the defined sealing area.
  • Durability of the diaphragm is maximised and material wear is prevented.

This system thus allows operating pressures of up to 20bar and a long service life of the diaphragms.

Other product ranges

In addition to valves for aseptic processes, SISTO’s range of products also includes diaphragm valves and swing check valves for industrial applications, for building services and for power plants.

We offer these products with different coatings or linings, for example PTFE, soft or hard rubber. These solutions are complemented by pneumatic piston actuators or diaphragm actuators.

These valves are distributed – with our support – by the KSB Group or by specialised partners.