SISTO Armaturen S.A. isyour production partner when it comes to diaphragm valves

Since 1988, we are an associate company of the worldwide operating KSB group and the Luxembourg SNCI. With around 200 employees, we develop and produce diaphragm valves for various areas of application at our location in Echternach / Luxembourg.

SISTO’s key industry is the pharmaceutical sector. For instance, the company has supported the vaccine production of several manufacturers with its solutions. In addition, SISTO also develops and tests valves for the building technology, industry and the power plant industry.

SISTO TechCenter

The close collaboration with universities allows us to develop innovations and incorporate them into our products.
Our products are constantly optimised through the use of state-of-the-art simulation methods, our own laboratories and testing facilities.

In order to intensify product development and optimization even further and to implement customer-specific test scenarios, we have created optimal spaces for research and development in our new TechCenter.

As part of SISTO’s sustainability policy, the building was also designed to be climate-neutral. This includes solar panels, green spaces, climate-neutral materials and charging stations for electric vehicles.

The Executive Board

The executive board consisting of (from left to right):

  • Philipp Gaudlitz (Managing Director),
  • Martin Welter (Commercial Management),
  • Edgar Becker (Production Management) and
  • Patrik Wagner (Marketing & Sales Management)

ensures smooth processes in our company.

Our Products

The pharmaceutical industry places very high demands on suppliers. We have designed our diaphragm valves of the SISTO-C type series especially for sterile and aseptic processes. We take into account the specific conditions of pharmaceutical and biotechnology throughout the entire production chain, from design and material selection to the manufacturing process.

We place very high value on customer orientation and flexibility and above all we manufacture our multiport valves according to the specifications and needs of our customers. As SISTO has all the core processes in-house, we can react promptly and individually to requests and support our customers in the timely implementation of their projects.

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In addition to valves for aseptic processes, we also manufacture diaphragm valves and swing check valves for industrial applications,  building services and power plants. These solutions are complemented by pneumatic piston actuators or diaphragm actuators.

The distribution of these valves is carried out – with our support – by the KSB group or by specialised partners.

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Certified quality across all areas

Management system certifications underline our process-oriented high standards in all areas of business and application – from general industry, building services, and sterile engineering.

In addition to the certified standards regarding quality (ISO 9001), environment (ISO 14001) and occupational safety (ISO 45001), SISTO also meets the high requirements for nuclear facilities (KTA).

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SISTO History

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  • 1947
  • 1965
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  • 1988
  • 1994
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Foundation of the iron foundry „Ateliers de Constructions et Fonderie de Mersch S.A.“.


The start of cooperation with KSB. Change of name to FAM (Fonderie et Atelier de Mersch) with headquarters in Mersch, Luxembourg, under the management of Victor Pirsch.


KSB transfers the production of diaphragm valves to Mersch. The SISTO product name is introduced.


Introduction of the unique sealing system in the form of a chambered and spiral-supported diaphragm.


Dissolution of FAM and foundation of the new company “SAUNDERS-SISTO Armaturen S.A.” with three shareholders:

KSB Verwaltungsgesellschaft S.A., Luxembourg


SAUNDERS Valve Comp. Ltd., Cwmbran, Wales (GB)


Saunders withdraws from the partnership and the newly formed „SISTO Armaturen S.A.“ has the following shareholders going forward:

KSB Verwaltungsgesellschaft S.A. (52,9 %)



SISTO launches its type series SISTO-C for sterile applications.


Multiport valves for pharmaceutical plants have become an important business segment. SISTO now also masters the machining of demanding materials such as Hastelloy.


SISTO Armaturen S.A. moves from Mersch into its new headquarters in Echternach.


Start of operation of own steam testing bench and additional investments in testing capacities to support the further development of diaphragms.


SISTO Armaturen S.A. is recognised as an international player for sterile process engineering and power generating processes and receives major orders from Asia and for the new generation of nuclear power plants EPR OL3/Finland , FA 3 /France, Taishan / China.


SISTO Armaturen is the first company in Luxembourg to offer a dual study programme.


SISTO Armaturen S.A. invests in state-of-the-art machining technology. The complete machining centre for castings is the largest single investment to date.


Inclusion in the “Luxembourg HealthTech Cluster”. This underlines SISTO’s claim to be one of the technological leaders in diaphragm valves for sterile processes and to consistently expand this position in the future.


Expansion of business activities in the pharmaceutical industry.


Expansion of warehouse and production facilities.


Start of operation of a new rubber storage unit.



Completion of the new TechCentre and move into the expanded office space.

Expansion of production capacities through the construction of a new production hall and investments in additional state-of-the-art machining centres and production equipment.