SISTO-CT valves and SISTO-CY valves

T and Y shaped valves only have one single seat but allow more complicated process flows and distributions than two-way valves. SISTO-CT and SISTO-CY valve bodies are manufactured from solid bar stainless steel as a standard.
For larger nominal diameters of the main pipe, more cost-efficient variants with welded lateral pipes are available.

SISTO-CY and SISTO-CT valves are perfectly suited to create customised valve ring configurations. Thus modules can be configured which have no deadleg and can be fully drained.
We offer the option of performing the welding in-house and supplying these as already completely welded modules.

Product features

  • Unique chambered sealing system
  • Operating pressure up to 20 bar
  • Optimised hydraulic design
  • Minimized deadleg
  • Allows complete draining
  • Welding ends or clamps according to different standards (e.g. DIN, ISO, ASME)
  • DN 6 to DN 300
Actuated CT-valve with weld ends
Actuated CT-valve with accessory
Manually actuated CT-valve MD10-80
SISTO-CY manually actuated valve


Here you can find a selection of 3D models
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Measurement of the drain angle via smartphone

The simple installation aid for welding the SISTO-C diaphragm valves in the correct self-draining angle.

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Approvals & Certificates

  • Declaration of conformity DGRL 2014/68/EU

    PED 2014/68/EU

  • Certification

    CE certificate (2014/68/EU)

  • Certification

    ISO 9001

  • Certification

    ISO 14001

  • Certification

    ISO 45001