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Piping Standard:
Nominal Diameter: mm
Valveseat: mm
Outer Diameter: mm
Wallthickness: mm
Installation angle:
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The App to mesure the setpoint.


The App to mesure the setpoint.



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Instructions for SISTO Angle Measurement

Smartphone Browser: Chrome or Safari

This app can be used as an installation aid for welding in your SISTO-C 2-way diaphragm valves at the correct self-draining angle.

1. "Angle selection" menu item:

Select the pipe standard, the diameter, and the size of the SISTO-C 2-way diaphragm valve to be welded in. Then press the Start angle measurement button.

Angle selection

2. “Start angle measurement” menu item:

The selection of the SISTO-C 2-way diaphragm valve is described again in the upper area. The target installation angle has been given. The actual installation angle is displayed dynamically as a number. The text is highlighted in red.

Start angle measurement

In the graphic, the target installation angle is depicted by black lines on the right and left sides. The actual installation angle is depicted dynamically by purple lines. The graphic has a red background.

target installation

3. Perform angle measurement:

Place your smartphone with the long edge on the seat of the SISTO-C 2-way valve housing.

Perform angle measurement

By tilting the valve housing to the right or left side, the actual installation angle changes in the graphic and the number changes in the upper area. When the correct self-draining angle has been achieved, the background colour changes from red to green, and you will also hear an audible signal.

The correct self-draining angle is set when the target and actual installation angles are identical, the background colour is green and the audible signal sounds.

tilting the valve

Note: This app is not a measuring instrument. When using it to align valve housings, we recommend comparing it with a calibrated reference.