Product Features

Fitting to our standard components, we are offering additional components. Among Among others things

  • Inductive feedback sensors for manually operated or pneumatically actuated valves
  • Intelligent feedback unit SK-i for pneumatically actuated valves
  • Electrical feedback unit SK49/50 for pneumatically actuated valves
  • 3/2-way solenoid valve
  • Electro-pneumatic positioners
  • Bonnets with sockets for measurement devises
  • Bypass bonnets for temporary fluid bypass
  • Shut-off covers

Additionally, customized welded configurations or mini fittings as special solutions are available.

sisito ski led intelligent feedback unit


Usability up to 20 bar / 290 psi and our unique sealing system with a spiral support are only some advantages of the SISTO diaphragm valves.



Type series booklets, operating instructions, declarations of conformity and other documents can be found in the download area.