Product Features

Concerning the actuation of SISTO diaphragm valves, manually and pneumatically (double and single acting) operated valves are available.

One particularity of our new series of pneumatic actuators is the fact that bonnet and actuator housing are in one piece. This reduces overall height significantly as compared to the previous series, further reducing the required space for multi-port bloc designs. Furthermore, weights of the new actuators could be reduced up to 45 percent.

In order to connect the actuator with the valve body, no screw nuts are necessary, as the threads are integrated into the valve body. This facilitates assembly significantly.

For sizes MD168 and MD202, besides the standard variant in stainless steel, an option in aluminium is available, allowing a further reduction of weights.


Usability up to 20 bar / 290 psi and our unique sealing system with a spiral support are only some advantages of the SISTO diaphragm valves.



Type series booklets, operating instructions, declarations of conformity and other documents can be found in the download area.